Chris Aalberts is a writer, researcher and lecturer about media and politics. He has written several books on the Dutch radical right: the voters of the Party for Freedom (PVV), failed fringe parties and Forum for Democracy (FvD). In addition, he wrote books about Dutch Members of the European Parliament, the role of social media in politics, young people’s political engagement, spin doctoring and the local politics of the Dutch city Den Helder. At the moment, he is working on a new book on the pan-European movement Volt.

Chris Aalberts holds a PhD in communication from the University of Amsterdam and lectures at the master of media and journalism of Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a political reporter and writer, he works together with Reporters Online, a Dutch network for independent journalists. His work is financed by donations of the public.



Chris Aalberts is available for commentary and analysis on Dutch politics. Please contact him by e-mail on [email protected] or on Twitter: @ChrisAalberts